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AsiaKids Society 



Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China


The Great Wall Video - How Stuff Works video


China Forever - Neo K12 video


China's Environment - National Geographic video


Forbidden City Video How Stuff Works video 


Terracotta Warriors - pictures


Map of China


Discovering China with ABC's


Learn Chinese - Highlights for Kids


All About China - Enchanted Learning


The Land of Beauty - photos of China


China - Pictures


Chinese Numbers 1-12


Chinese Calendar




 Island Life in Japan - How Stuff Works video 


Japan - National Geographic Video


Mount Fuji How Stuff Works Video


Climbing Mt. Fuji - Watch Know video


Sushi - How Stuff Works video


Snow Monkeys - How Stuff Works video


Japanese Cherry Blossoms - video


Japanese Onomatopeoeia Game - listen to a Japanese word then guess it's English meaning


Japan - Enchanted Learning





Vietnam - National Geographic Video


All About Vietnam - Enchanted Learning


Vietnamese Culture - Food 


Schools in Vietnam


Daily Life on the Mekong - photo essay



Philippines - National Geographic


Travel Pictures - Lonely Planet


Photo Gallery  - Highlights for Kids


All About Philippines - Enchanted Learning


Teacher Resources


Ancient China 



















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