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Data and Probability

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Students conduct simple probability experiments by determining the number of possible outcomes and make simple predictions:


Identify whether common events are certain, likely, unlikely, or improbable.


Practice Questions


Predict the likelyhood of a given outcome then click Submit.  Outcomes may be...







Record the possible outcomes for a simple event (e.g., tossing a coin) and systematically

keep track of the outcomes when the event is repeated many times.


Adjustable Spinner 


Number Cubes - Elab


Spinner - NLVM


Coin Flipper


Coin Toss


Marble Mania 


Number Cubes


Pig Sixes - nrich


Summarize and display the results of probability experiments in a clear and organized

way (e.g., use a bar graph or a line plot).


Parts of a Graph


Read a Bar Chart


Choosing an Appropriate Graph - Nutshell Math presentation


Data Grapher - NCTM


Bar Chart - NLVM interactive


Bar Graph - InterActivate


Circle Graph - InterActivate


Create a Graph



Use the results of probability experiments to predict future events (e.g., use a line

plot to predict the temperature forecast for the next day).

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