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Plant Life Cycle

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1. Open this PowerPoint template for the Life Cycle of a Bean Plant. (Click Open)


2. Go to File > Save As and save it to your folder.


3. Click in the text box under the title on the Title Page. Type your name.


4. Click on Slide 2 on the left hand side.


5. Click on the text box next to the picture. Describe what you see happening at this stage of the plant's life cycle.


6. Repeat Step 5 for the rest of the stages.


7. Go to File > Save to save your work.


8. Once it's been checked by an adult, have them print* it for you.


*To print it small to make into a little book, print as Handouts, 6 to a page.


When you are finished, visit these web sites:


Parts of a Plant


Helping Plants Grow Well




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