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Descriptive writing includes a lot of sensory details to make the reader feel like they are there.


You are going to write a paragraph describing an imaginary place that you ended up at one day.

It is a place that exists in your imagination, so the details do not have to be real.

You will need to include details that describe what you heard, smelled, felt, tasted, and saw in this place.

Click here for some examples of descriptive passages.


1. Open this What Happened Word template.


2. Go to File>Save As to save it to your folder. Then click on the Internet window at the bottom in your task bar.


3. Click on this website to choose your imaginary setting.


4. Type your name after "By" under the title.


5. Finish the second sentence by adding a verb and your new imaginary setting.


6. Continue to write your paragraph with a lot of sensory details.


7. Be sure to click File>Save to save your work again before closing out.

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