The Land and the States

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Quick Facts to Learn About your State - Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids


Stately Knowledge - This informative site is a merger of the Internet Public Library and the Librarians' Internet Index.


Netstate - Great site to get detailed information about your state.


Explore the States - Library of Congress site


The US50


50 States


State Report Information - Great site from the Multnomah County Library


US State Facts - World of Education


Explore the States - Library of Congress site


Fun State Facts! - US Census Bureau


State Report Resources



Online Activities


Name the US State Capitals - Sporcle


USA Games - At this Sheppard Software site students can study states, capitals, and landscapes of USA.


Indentify The States  - Harcourt School site


U.S. Capitals Quiz Map 


Test Your Geography Knowledge

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