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Important People in History

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The Biography Maker: Bellingham Public Schools


Biography Research Sites:


Garden of Praise - leaders




Encyclopedia of World Biographies


Enchanted Learning


Biographies of Notable People - Fact Monster


Short Biographies


Info Please - Biographies



Important African Americans in History 


Notable African Americans - Fact Monster


Biographies of Great African Americans - Enchanted Learning


Black History - Bio.com



Important Women in History 


Biographies - National Women's History Project


Notable Women - Biographies.com


Women in History


Women's History Month - History.com


Women of the Century - Discovery Education


300 Women Who Changed the World - Encyclopedia Brittanica


Female Nobel Prize Laureates


Great Women Rulers - Women in World History


Women Artists


Women Mathematicians


The First Ladies - The White House



Online Activities


CyberHunt Kids - a Scholastic interactive celebrating women in history.




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